About Mr Kelly

About Mr Kelly

Gerard Kelly

Mr Gerard Kelly works in the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust (with clinics and inpatients in Leeds General Infirmary) and in the Spire and Nuffield Hospitals in Leeds

The General Infirmary at Leeds, The Nuffield Hospital Leeds, The Leeds Spire Hospital
Ear, nose and throat, Voice disorders, Sleep disorders / snoring, Sinus Surgery, Rhinology, Paediatric otolaryngology, Otology, Neurotology, Hearing loss

Mr Kelly writes:
As a consultant surgeon in one of the largest hospital trusts in Europe, I have a major surgical interest in neuro-otology and skull base surgery. I have helped set up a Neurofibromatosis Type II clinic, one of only a few in England, which has attracted national funding. I am advancing minimally invasive sinus surgery and frontal recess surgery by my leading on balloon sinuplasty in Yorkshire. I have achieved funding for the ENT department in Leeds (now close to £200,000 in charity grants in the last 3 years) for the purchase of state of the art equipment. I have trained and am one of few surgeons in the UK to carry out totally endoscopic ear surgery (TEES). I have a commitment to teaching and clinical research and contribute to medical education, training and assessment in my college, the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and the University of Leeds. I have had a management role in clinical director of the Department of Otololaryngology in the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. I am actively involved in teaching and training, having demonstrated this in gaining my Masters of Education (Clinical Education) in 2007 when I carried out a research project in the perceptions of surgical training and I aim to pursue surgical training and medical education as a major part of my career. I have a higher degree from the University of Edinburgh (MD).
Here is the new (and soon to be permanent in Leeds General Infirmary) Olympus 4k video system which will make (In my opinion) Endoscopic ear surgery the most advanced, safest and successful way to carry out middle ear and mastoid surgery:

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