Patient information

Patient information



ENT UK is the professional organisation of United Kingdom ENT specialists. ENT UK is a charity.

These patient information leaflets (available here, below or from ENT UK itself, have been written in accordance with CNST guidelines and advice, and have been reviewed by the Royal College of Surgeons Patient Liaison Group. Leaflets may be freely reproduced in its entirety by photocopying, print, electronic publishing or any other means on condition that no additions, deletions or any other alterations are made to the text and that the text is circulated for the benefit of patients.



» About Adult Tonsil Surgery
» About Adenoid Surgery
» About Blocked Nose
» About Catarrh
» About Children’s Tonsil Surgery

» About Epistaxis 
» About Facial Skin Lesions
» About Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS)
» About Glue Ear
» About Grommets in Childhood
» About Hayfever
​» About Hearing Loss
» About Hoarseness
» About Hole in the Eardrum
» About Mastoid Surgery
» About Microlaryngoscopy & Oesophagoscopy
» About Neck Dissection
» About Otosclerosis & Stapedecomy
» About Parotid Surgery

 What can I do


 What can I do
  What can I do
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