Mr Kelly carries out medico-legal reports, these include noise induced hearing loss cases, personal injury cases and cases of medical negligence. Mr Kelly is the director of a medico-legal company called Legal ENT Ltd, registered with Companies House, company number 14439351. 

Mr Kelly has written more than 2700 report on clients claiming for noise induced hearing loss (from industrial noise, military noise exposure and from entertainment noise exposure). He carries out report on claimants suffering harm from personal injury including ear symptoms from whiplash injuries and ear injury from airbag exposure in road traffic accidents. He regularly reports on clients suffering nasal injury, nasal fractures, nasal septal injuries and injuries resulting in loss of the sense of smell (anosmia).

Mr Kelly is an expert on the original ‘guidelines’ on medico-legal diagnosis (Coles, 2000) as well as the new ‘guidelines’ (Lutman, 2016) and has lectured on the subject of the new ‘Lutman guidelines’ on a major noise induced hearing loss conference in 2015. Mr Kelly has sat on the Police Medicals Appeal Board and the Fire Brigade Appeals Board, as well as having written reports of the police and the coroner. He has attended court on several occasions and on every occasion his opinion has been favoured by the court, with the case settled in favour of his evidence. He defends his opinions rigorously when challenged from other expert challenges. Mr Kelly recently was invited to lecture to the RSM on the subject of tinnitus in medico-legal cases on the 5th February 2021. In September 2021 Mr lectured on negligence in ENT cases in Newport for the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers.

Mr Kelly has given opinions on many medical negligence cases and in 2021 alone he has completed over 50 negligence reports.