Healing after tonsillectomy from day 1 (the day of the operation) to day 27

This is a time lapse video of the healing after tonsillectomy. Day one is the day of the operation and the video shows a day by day change in the tonsilar fossae (the area at the back of the throat where the tonsils used to be) from a raw area to a white coating and then to pink granulation (healing) tissue. Although there is a white coating from day 2 in the healing area, there is no infection!

Repair of the ear drum

Otosclerosis & Stapedectomy

Mr Gerard Kelly, Consultant ENT surgeon in Leeds, UK takes about the condition of otosclerosis (which results in deafness) and the operation to restore hearing (stapedectomy).

Endoscopic Stapling of Phayngeal pouch

Pharyngeal pouch stapling, by Mr Gerard Kelly , ENT surgeon.

Endoscopic ear surgery

Here in a right ear, cholesteatoma has been removed, exposing the facial nerve, lateral semi-circular canal, stapedius, stapes, pyramid, round window niche, promontory and corda tympani.